Basket Set


  • Set of four baskets made of 100% cotton rope and jute
  • Handcrafted in South Africa

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This Basket Set is handcrafted in South Africa and made of 100% cotton rope and jute.  This beautiful set is the ultimate set for organization of any space! It includes a lidded laundry basket, XL cylinder basket, small lidded cylinder basket, and a shopper bag.

The lidded laundry basket is perfect for storing blankets, laundry, towels, toys, etc. The laundry basket has jute stripes throughout with hidden handles and the lid has a removeable tassel which adds to the design.

The XL cylinder basket is a great storage option for towels, bathroom accessories, can be used as a decorative planter, or for any other storage uses. This basket matches the lidded laundry basket design where there are jute stripes throughout the design.

The small lidded basket is ideal for storing smaller items. There is olive green stitching in a stripe pattern that creates a beautiful design.

The shopper bag is versatile as it could be used for the beach, road trips, farmers markets, or as a storage basket. It has jute stripes and a removeable a tassel.

The cotton is grown in South Africa from farms that are members of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

If baskets are used as a planter, please note that they are decorative and are not intended for outdoor use. The planters are not waterproof and are not intended for direct placement of soil and plants; a waterproof liner/planter pot should be used inside.


Lidded Laundry Basket: Diameter: 16 in; Height: 18 in

XL Cylinder Basket: Diameter: 11.75 in; Height: 11 in

Small Lidded Basket: Diameter: 7.9 in; Height: 6.7 in

Shopper Bag: Height: 11.8 in; Length: 14.2 in; Width: 7.9 in

Note: This product is handmade by artisans. Variations in design are part of the uniqueness of the product and not considered an imperfection. Dimensions listed are approximate.

(Mia Melange)