Our Story

Souk & Wanderlust was founded in 2022 with the basis of supporting artisans and the love for travel. We partner with brands from around the world that create ethically made artisanal products. These products are handcrafted and are one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Safeguarding the knowledge and skills to produce traditional crafts is vital and UNESCO lists it as an intangible cultural heritage1. The brands we partner with focus on preserving these traditional artisanal practices. 

We aim to provide a space where unique ethically made products can be showcased and are available for all. We envision a world in which artisans are prospering and are connected across the globe. Our core values include ethical practices, sustainability, diversity, equality, and respect.

1UNESCO; Intangible Cultural Heritage; https://ich.unesco.org/en/what-is-intangible-heritage-00003


Our Founder

In 2015, during my Ph.D. studies, I received a Fulbright Scholarship to Morocco which gave the opportunity to travel, live, and research abroad. During my time abroad, I was so blessed and honored to meet and work with artisans. It truly changed my life.

After I completed the scholarship I moved back home to the United States, graduated with a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and I did not want to stop exploring. Every opportunity where I could take time off from work, I would keep traveling around the world. I would learn more about the talented artisans and handcrafted products using traditional techniques from each place I visited.

I wanted to share what I found from my travels and that is how the idea of Souk & Wanderlust was created. I hope you enjoy the products from Souk & Wanderlust and feel the love from each artisanal handcrafted product as much as I do! – Hajar

Our Partners

America & Beyond


Bush Princess


Mia Melange

Sanabay Paris

Scarlette Ateliers

Sidai Designs


Tulia’s Artisan Gallery

Wild Rose